Hey Cougars,

It's been a crazy few weeks. Over the past few weeks you have transitioned to online classes, may have returned home, and are adjusting to other church and community changes. First off, we want to say GOOD JOB! Congratulations for all your accomplishments on-campus this year! Take a minute to think about how you have grown and what you have accomplished. Way to go!!!

As you are well aware, the semester isn't over yet. With just under a month of classes left, there is still a lot to do. We know that it may seem like a daunting task so we want to provide you with some tips for adapting to online classes. These tips will help you be successful now as well as in future online classes. We hope you will read them and choose to apply them to best meet your needs. You got this!
Online Classes
Tips for Adapting to Online Classes

We all have an innate need to connect with other people. Take time to connect with:

+ Professors – reach out to professors with questions, to say thank you, etc. Connecting with professors of many backgrounds and areas of expertise is a unique and important aspect of your university experience. Continue building these connections by being proactive in reaching out to your professors. They want to connect with you, you just need to reach out.
+ Other Students – set up study groups through Zoom or another technology medium, call or text a friend from class, etc. These connections will help you be successful now and later and can make online learning a lot more fun.
+ Friends – use your BYU Zoom account to connect with friends. You have free access to Zoom, in and out of classes. Take advantage of this resource to set up a friend video chat, book club, Come Follow Me group etc. You can even play games like Pictionary with the draw feature.
+ TAs – TAs are here to help you! Look at Learning Suite or emails from TAs/Professors for specifics on what TA hours look like in your classes. If you are unsure or have questions send them an email!
+ Family & Friends – if you are with your family or other friends, take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with them right now. Remember, there is a reason you are where you are and are with who you are with.


+ Have a Schedule – structuring your time can help you get things done. Consider these questions: When am I most productive? What motivates me to get things done? What do I need to do today?
+ Set Reminders – Use something to help remind you of important deadlines, live classes, watching recorded lectures etc. It can be easy for assignments, and even class, to slip through the cracks, especially with a change of schedule. Be proactive about remembering what you need to do and when. Set timers on your phone for tasks during the day, use a paper planner, electronic calendar, Excel spreadsheet etc. Whatever will best help you complete your tasks.
+ Set Specific Locations – Train yourself to do specific tasks in specific locations. As convenient as it sounds to listen to your Zoom class from bed, it probably isn’t your highest functioning location. Choose a location where you can eliminate distractions and choose to be dedicated to doing you school or work. If you get bored with only one location you could have several different spots or different locations for different tasks.


+ Learn more about how to succeed in your online classes on our website. Other topics include growth, study, and personal. We will keep highlighting these topics in our weekly newsletters over the next few weeks.
More Tips for Online Classes

1. See Updates on Grading Policies for This Semester from Shane Reese, Academic Vice President. See all  BYU updates regarding the Corona Virus here.
2. Spring Term Classes will be Offered Only Through Remote Learning. Read more about this adjustment here.
3. Free Access to Sanvello. Sanvello, a leading mental health app, is free to BYU students. Sanvello recently made their premium features available for free in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that there are even more resources on Sanvello that are now available for you. 

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