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Registration opens soon! Here's some helpful info to make sure you have the best class experience your first semester! Also, see tuition information below.
Class Registration
When can I register for classes?

Your registration date depends on how many completed credits you have. To find your exact registration date, click HERE.

Registration cart is an optional feature on MyMAP to help you plan your schedule. You can submit your preferred classes to be automatically added to your schedule or your waitlist (if classes are full). You must submit your cart by 5:59 pm one day before your registration date.  Before midnight of your priority date, your cart will randomly be processed and all available classes from your cart will be added to your schedule.
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College Credits
How many credits should I take per semester?

Taking the right amount of credits is really important. The number of credits you take per semester will determine how long you’re in class every day, as well as how many hours you’ll spend outside of class on homework. It will also determine just how fast or slow you graduate. Here are some general guidelines for gauging how many credits you should take a semester:

18      Credit Maximum
15      4-Year Graduation
14      Scholarship Eligible
12      Full-Time Student
9        On-Campus Housing
Enrollment Services
Major Academic Plans

Something that can also help you plan your classes correctly are the “Major Academic Plans” (MAPs). If you have declared a major or minor, or are interested in investigating a bit more into a specific major, a MAP will give you the general academic map for that major. To find your MAP, click HERE.

Writing 150 in Winter 2020
A New Way to Take WRTG 150

Are you planning to take Writing 150 in winter? If so, you may notice something unusual when you’re browsing the class schedule--a big section with several workshops. The class will meet as a large section (over 100 students) twice a week and meet in workshop sections (no more than 20 students) once a week. The large section will be taught by a full-time faculty member with lots of experience in teaching writing.

So if you enroll in this section, you’ll still get the individual attention of a smaller workshop group (led by an experienced graduate instructor) but with the added benefit of learning from a BYU faculty member whose career has focused on teaching writing.

If you’ve got any questions, please email univ-writing@byu.edu or call 801-422-3565.
Planning it Out
How & where do I plan my classes?

Here are some tips for planning classes:

1) See BYU’s Class Schedule to search classes by course, credit hours, and day & time.

2) Review the University Core (GE) requirements.

3) Use MyMap’s “Plan Courses” tab to help you plan out your schedule.

4) Use the Waitlist Option when adding classes (You will be automatically added to the class if a seat becomes available).
Other Tips
Here's some tips to lay out your schedule:

+ Block your classes together. This will open up your life a bit more for other activities, like work and clubs. If you plan to work on campus, most shifts are 8:00 AM to 12 Noon or 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

+ Early Bird or Night Owl? 8:00 AM can feel pretty early after a few weeks of waking up. 

+ The 10-Minute Break: All classes, at the latest, end ten minutes before the hour, giving you ten minutes to get from one class to another. You can have classes back-to-back; ten minutes is enough time to get across campus.

+ Consider what buildings your classes are in. Although it is completely do-able, it is convenient to not have to go back and forth across campus each passing period.

+ Balance your schedule. It’s probably not a good idea to take Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry all in the same semester. Talk to an academic advisor for advice on balancing required classes.
How much will this all cost?

The tuition cost per semester for full-time enrollment is:

Undergraduate LDS                    $2895 / semester
Undergraduate Non-LDS             $5790 / semester

Lots of things can influence how much a semester at BYU will cost, such as where you live, travel expenses, and more. However, it's nice to have a comprehensive summary of what you can expect to spend during a semester. A summary of the total cost of attendance (including room and board, books and supplies, etc. for two semesters) can be found HERE.

Tuition is due 7 days before the semester begins. If not paid, a hold will be placed on your account. If it is not paid by the add/drop deadline, your classes will be dropped.

What about scholarships?

To find out what resources are available to you for financial aid, including scholarships, click HERE. To understand how to get your scholarship money on your student account by the appropriate deadlines, click HERE.

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