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We hope you are having a good week! We know things have been pretty crazy since the CES announcement last Thursday and other announcements since then. Even with changes at BYU, there are still resources here for you! We will continue sending the weekly newsletter through the end of the semester and hope to connect with you each week. You also still have a peer mentor and can communicate with them remotely. 

This week learn about the Honors Program, Cougar Cash, and watch an inspirational video with President Worthen.
Honors Program
An Interdisciplinary Approach

Honors is for any student interested in an interdisciplinary approach to their education. Student-scholars take part in experiential learning, coursework, mentored research and presenting a final thesis. They graduate with University Honors, the highest baccalaureate distinction at BYU

How do I join?

+ Enroll Visit this link to learn more about the program and how to enroll.
+ Commitment Interview Next, set up an appointment with the Honors Advisement Center, 102 MSRB, to meet with one of the Honors advisers, build an academic plan on how to complete the honors requirements, and ask any questions you may have. Even with classes canceled now, you can still set up a meeting. After you choose your meeting time you will be sent an invitation for a Zoom meeting.

What Will I Be Doing?

+ The Honors Program requires 14 credits of classes, beginning with HONRS 120: Introduction to Honors Great Questions. Many of these classes fulfill General Education Requirements. 
+ Participate in a Semester Long Leadership Development Experience and Report. Opportunities include: education related service, BYU study abroad international or domestic internship, or Honors Students Advisory Council
+ Prepare and write a thesis. You will work with a faculty mentor to research and write a scholarly work in your field. This published work sets you apart for graduate programs and potential employers.

Learn more about these requirements here
Cougar Cash.
Hassle Free, Tax Free

Using Cougar Cash means no hassle with cash, and even saves you sales tax at most BYU locations. These locations include:

+ BYU Store
+ Bowling and Games Center
+ Campus Floral
+ Copy Centers
+ Cougar Creations
+ Mail Services
+ Outdoors Unlimited
+ Open Access Printers
+ Residence Hall Laundries
+ Studio 1030
+ Vending Machines
Cougar Cash Direct
Link Cougar Cash Directly to your bank account to make your BYU ID card function as a debit card

Cougar Cash Prepaid
Deposit specific amounts in your Cougar Cash account to create a pre-paid card (on your BYU ID card) to use for purchases around campus. 

Manage Your Account
+ Use the BYU App widget "Cougar Cash" to keep track of and manage your account
+ Follow this link to manage your account and add funds online. 
Learn More

1. Withdraw Deadline changed to Tuesday March 24th

"Considering the recent transition to remote courses and exams, and the ensuing disruption to student’s lives, the university has decided to extend the withdraw period by one week for semester-length classes. The new deadline will be Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Please check the academic calendar to view all dates and deadlines for the current and future semesters." - Jearlene Leishman, Senior Associate Registrar at BYU

2. Watch this Inspirational Video from President Worthen

Joy and Community Without Gatherings with BYU President Kevin J Worthen


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