Hey Cougars,

Time for Textbooks
The BYU Store has everything you need so you can get the best prices on textbooks, even if you purchase from an off-campus vendor.
Ways to Pay for Textbooks
Making Money Manageable

When you pay for your textbooks, use your BYU ID Card to charge them to your university student account. This will put the cost of all your textbooks on MyFinancial Center, where excess scholarship money may be applied. It also gives you 45 days from the day of purchase to pay for your textbooks.
What Textbooks Do I Need?
Where can I find out?

MyBooklist links to your class schedule and shows exactly which books you’ll need. It also shows price comparisons to other textbook purchasing and rental sites. You can even order your books straight from MyBooklist. If you order with the BYU Store, you have the option of in-store pickup to avoid long checkout lines. Click HERE to go to MyBookList.

What About E-Books?
E-Books can be incredibly convenient and save you time, money, and having to carry a heavy backpack. Whether you can purchase an electronic version of a textbook for a class is up to your professor. However, most often you can buy or rent a downloadable version of your textbook for a much lower price than a regular book. Make sure to search reliable websites when you're looking for an E-Book.
Great Tips for Textbooks
Don't burn them!

Should I keep my receipt?
Receipts are required to return textbooks. Additionally, refund deadlines are listed on receipts. That’s one valuable piece of paper!

What is BYU Book Exchange?
Still trying to find a good deal on books? BYU Book Exchange operates like a classified ad system among BYU students for textbooks. This online platform allows students to post books they no longer need and buy used books from other BYU students. Explore the website HERE.

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