Hey Cougars,

Midterm season is approaching! Don't worry, we got you covered. Here's some helpful tips as you take on your upcoming exams.
Midterm Tips

Start Studying Now
Easier than it sounds, but studying sooner will help you retain information and make future studying easier to plan for. 

Check Exam Times
Make sure you know when your midterms are by checking on the testing center website and Learning Suite. Plan ahead when you will be taking your exam. This will help you avoid late fees and stress.

Form Study Groups
One of your greatest resources each semester will be the people sitting next to you in class. Help each other prepare for tests! You will learn so much quicker and make new friends! Reserve a room in the HBLL to study with your new study group. 
Testing Center
Prayers are allowed

If you haven’t already, you will soon become familiar with the testing center. Most of your classes will require you to take exams and finals here. So we’ve got some tips for you to make sure you’re ready.

Things to Know:
+ Food is not allowed in the testing room. Treat yourself afterward!
+ Check the status of the line on your BYU App or by clicking HERE.
+ You must turn your cell phone off. If you are caught with it, you will be dismissed and your test unscored.
+ If you have to use the restroom, signal a proctor.
+ There is a music room upstairs from the main testing room! You can let the classical music calm your nerves while you test.
+ Make sure you follow the dress and grooming standards! Men who haven’t shaved will not be allowed to take a test, nor girls in leggings.
+ Find Testing Center hours and other information HERE.

1. Go to London Winter 2020. This upcoming study abroad to the BYU London Centre combines humanities and business. The English and Experience Design and Management departments have created a culturally expanding and interactive semester! Click here to learn more. Applications due October 1st. 

2. Become a Research Assistant. Project MEDIA is a longitudinal research study aimed at finding the relationship between media and human development. No experience needed, and the housing is substantially subsidized. We take a dozen or so RA’s to Denver every summer to collect data. 

3. Join the Pre-Business Student Association. Do you think that you want to do something in business, but you're not sure what? Do you want to improve your professional skills? The Pre-Business Student Association (PBSA) helps students from across BYU campus to find their place in the business world. Sign up for our weekly email.

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