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This week's email includes information about scholarships, help labs, and off-campus housing. Prepare now for exams with help labs and be prepared for next year by looking at housing options and applying for scholarships.
Scholarship Deadline
Apply Now – Regardless of GPA

+ The scholarship deadline for 2020-21 is next week! Be sure to submit your BYU Scholarship application and essays by February 1st to be considered for BYU Scholarships. More information is available here.

+ Every student should complete the application, despite GPA. The more of the application you complete, the more scholarships you are considered for! 

+ Check with your college or department to see if they also offer scholarships!

+ If you receive a scholarship and defer for a mission your scholarship will automatically be deferred as part of the deferment process.
Help Labs
Get Help from Experts

Help labs are an incredible resource to help YOU be successful in classes. Help labs are available for many different subject areas and are all staffed with fellow students who are experts in the subject. Go in with questions, to work on your homework, or to get help studying for a test. 
Start Now
Going to Help Labs NOW will make your life easier LATER. 
Ask Questions
Verbalizing class material and questions you have can help you understand what you do and don't know and can lead to greater retention later. After your questions are answered, try teaching the material to a friend.
Learn More
Deciding Where to Live Next Year

It's time to start looking for housing for next year (2020-2021). There are on and off-campus housing options for students. Look below for things to remember when considering off-campus housing and check out the links to learn more about on- and off-campus housing options.
Off-Campus Housing 
Things to Remember

BYU Approved
+ Off-campus housing for single students must be approved. See housing.byu.edu for requirements.

Housing Waiver
+ You can live with your family, but you must submit an Off-Campus Housing Waiver by the add/drop deadline (7 days after class starts).

+ There are several groups on Facebook where people post their apartments to sell, this can be a helpful resource when looking for a new apartment or selling your own contract. 

+ Talk to friends about housing. A big part of finding housing that meets your needs is the culture of the apartment complex. Asking others about what they like or dislike about their apartment can be really helpful!

Housing Guide
+ Learn about housing options in BYU's Housing Guide.
On-Campus Housing
Off-Campus Housing

+ Attend the Forum with Alan Stern this Tuesday. Alan Stern, NASA planetary scientist and space program executive, will be giving the forum on Tuesday, January 28th. It will be the first TED-talk style forum, so you won't want to miss it! Watch the Forum Fifteen video here.

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